Core Beliefs, Communication and Relationships

Our negative core beliefs, sometimes called emotional wounds or triggers, act as filters to how we experience and interpret our world day to day. Negative beliefs or wounds are often partly unconscious and shape our views and interpretation of reality without even knowing it.

Core beliefs, both positive and negative, come from the sum of our past experiences. From birth, we are dependent on our parents and caregivers unconditional love and nurturing, we make sense of our world through them and absorb their values and beliefs both verbal and non-verbal, without question.

Communication is as much about listening as it is about talking. Sometimes the message we hear is filtered by past experiences and a negative core belief is triggered, leading to an overreaction and getting caught up in childhood patterns of communication. It’s only through recognising these wounds in yourself that you can find true healing and wholeness.

Counselling can help you to identify your core beliefs, improve your communication and have more fulfilling relationships.