How Well Do You Take a Compliment

As Australians, we are taught from an early age that talking about ourselves is considered a no-no, it’s the tall poppy syndrome we’ve inherited from our convict past. The upside of this is generally Aussies are down to earth, no-nonsense types, the down side is we miss out on positive reinforcement and acts of kindness from others.

Avoiding or dismissing compliments undermines our self-esteem and with that comes vulnerability to Anxiety and Depression.  One simple response to a compliment is “thanks, that’s kind of you”, this both acknowledges that you heard the compliment and the person giving it and that’s a win/win.

If it’s easier for you to be hard on yourself (rarely, if ever helpful) than accept a compliment, let me help you work on your self-esteem, it does take a little practice and with some guidance you will quickly reap the rewards. Read this helpful article, and if it sounds like something you’d like to work on, come back here and contact me