It’s OK to Ask for Help

There is a cultural shift happening around mental health, the stigma of being mentally unwell is slowly being chipped away, and we have those individuals willing to speak up to thank for this change to our national psyche.

We are hearing more and more stories from celebrities and sports personalities about managing their mental health and career. In the case of sports identities, their concerns often surface after an injury, or when the pressure to perform on a regular basis is left unmanaged. Professional sports people are also in a unique position of influence due to our national obsession with sport.

There is a simple message being promoted, that It’s Ok to Ask for Help, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s depression, anxiety, stress or grief, it could be bullying, domestic violence, addiction or relationships issues, the only way to change the narrative is by talking about what’s going on for You. We all hold the power inside us to change the way we view mental health and make it as acceptable to discuss as our physical health and wellbeing.

If you are struggling with any aspect of your mental health or wellbeing, I can help, counselling is not about giving advice and all about supporting you to access your own internal resources and strengths.