What Just Happened?

Do you ever stop after a conversation and wonder “what just happened?”. You may have been left feeling angry, sad, defeated or victorious; you may feel good or bad about yourself or somewhere in between, depending on the level of intensity.

Our relational patterns and the often-familiar dynamic we find our self in relationships, have been formed at a time in our development before verbal language was consolidated, the pattern is held as implicit memory and not available to conscious recall.

This helps explain the ease in which we fall into patterns of relating and communicating, both verbally and non-verbally, and how these patterns both help and hinder our relationships. These behaviours often go unexamined until we must navigate a difficult relationship or when tensions mount and instincts take over.

Remaining present in the face of high emotions can be difficult as our emotional/relational templates have been established prior to our ability to speak, therefore many of our behaviours are instinctual and not always appropriate.

Gestalt therapy is a modality that addresses the relationship dynamic in the here and now, that means that the client will bring their way of relating to the counselling session and with the help of the counsellor, learn to re-pattern unhelpful behaviours, avoid reacting and have more fulfilling relationships.