What is Therapy?

Counselling/Psychotherapy is a talk therapy that focuses on a person’s mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health and wellbeing. A Psychotherapist engages with a person in a co-created process of deep listening, relating and empathic exploration of experience to discover possibilities for growth, change and healing.

A key element of the practice of Psychotherapy is the interpersonal relationship between the Therapist and the Client. The Therapist/Client interaction provides the relational encounter through which the Client becomes aware of their repeated patterns and ways of relating.

Together, Therapist and Client may talk about personal stories, experiences in your family of origin, relationship history, illnesses, imagination, trauma as well as sexuality, spirituality, ethnicity and Culture.

There are numerous and varied reasons why people go to Counselling. It may be because of crises, troubles, doubts, difficulties, frustrations, discomfort, dissatisfaction, or suffering in your life. There may be a problem situation that is well defined or hard to define. Life can get messy, and when it does, you might feel you don’t have the resources to cope or tried solutions that didn’t work. That’s where Counselling can help.

Some people have experienced traumatic events or seek help with learning how to cope with specific psychological or behavioural traits which they would like to change.

Some seek Counselling to explore a general feeling that their lives are not quite right or learn how to cope with feelings of hopelessness. Often people go to Counselling to develop a purpose, to find meaning in life, clarify an issue, explore options, develop strategies, boost creativity, increase self-awareness and self-acceptance or attempt to stir up determination to achieve a goal.

Sometimes we can turn to a family member or trusted friend when we have problems. At other times, these may be the people we want to confide in the least. A Counsellor, though compassionate and empathic, is not a part of your personal life. The Therapist provides a safe space to express yourself, allowing you to understand your true feelings and figure out how to use that information in your journey toward healing and happiness.

A Counsellor enables you to be honest and frank without fear of being judged for what you think, believe, feel, say, do or don’t do. They want you to be successful, they’re always on your side – whether that’s guiding you to look deeper, encouraging you to try out new things or just being a sounding board for your ideas. If something is standing between you and your ability to get the most out of your life, that’s reason enough to see a Counsellor.